Tour Guide: Bali Adventure


Walking Tours

Rad-Ha Warung has four guides, born in Sidemen, so they are very familiar with the culture and nature of our lush valleys.

Our walks vary from a couple of hours to a full day trek.  You will walk through some of the most beautiful rice fields of Bali, cross rivers, get to know about plants, crops and animals. Our guides can take you to Puri Bukit, the temple on the hill, famous for its eleven levels. Walking is ideal to get to know the people and the culture.

Organised Tours (by car, AC)

Rad-Ha has four cars, to take you on tailor-made, organized tours all over Bali.

Highlights include: Tampak Siring, Ubud, Mount Agung, Mount Batur,


Airconditioned car accomodating 6 people (without luggage) + driver


White Water Rafting, Cyling …

Small tours around the village and up the hills by motorbike






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